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Hi, I'm Oleg, an IT professional based in Switzerland, director at, local ambassador to the Open Knowledge network, member of /ch/open and one of the people behind events.

I'm passionate about the way the Internet is enabling people around the world to communicate, strengthen communities and improve livelihoods, and for this to continue I believe it is important to open and constantly improve access to information, build better tools for analyzing and making decisions with data, and encourage sustainable models for public service, business and research empowered by the Open Web (FR).


Ask me about any project, I try my best to keep track of them all! The following projects are ones I've contributed to directly:


Happy to help with:

  • Finding open data on the Web, understanding how to use it, putting it to work
  • Accessing and publishing data using Web Services, Linked Data (Semantic Web), content management systems, or as Data Packages
  • Setting up Linux-based app servers and cloud services, code repositories and other collaboration tools
  • Coding applications in JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, C# or VB
  • Coding visualizations in JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, ActionScript
  • Setting up databases lke MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
  • Setting up a triple store like Jena
  • Creating graphics in Sketch, Inkscape, GIMP, Blender, Adobe tools


Email me with my first name at

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