This is a meta-project with a goal to:

  • maintain and improve the online platform
  • support teams using linked code/collaboration tools
  • gather and publish available statistics

In other words, by 'eating our own food' we want to crowdsource the ideas of our community for building the best support foundation for open source, open data projects.

Check out Oleg's State of the Crowd presentation for an overview of the past 6 months.

  • Web stats from the past 5 months: 08-2012 09-2012 10-2012 11-2012
  • Social media conversations around #makeopendata and @opendatach
  • Live feeds from wiki, forum, GitHub, custom widgets
  • Analysis of participant registrations by date and geography (TBD)
  • Results of a poll or survey sent out to participants (TBD)
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