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We are baking an open data cake, i.e. a pie chart that actually tastes good! Nutrition statistics from the Swiss Open Government Data portal will be used to decorate it. The cake will be served as dessert for the participants of the Bern Open Data Camp.

  1. Find a delicious recipe Rüeblitorte - süsser Gruss aus dem Aargau (PDF)
  2. Obtain the ingredients and baking materials
  3. Prepare the cake mixtures, beat it nice and smooth
  4. Bake in the oven for about an hour, it's ready when your dip comes out clean
  5. Let it sit overnight, meanwhile analyse the data and prepare your infographic
  6. Once the cake is cool transfer your graphics onto the cake with marzipan and sugar paint

Processed “Nahrungsmittelverbrauch nach Art der Nahrungsmittel” spreadsheet with our graph: LibreOffice XLS

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