Mobility is a very important aspect of our lives, no matter if you like hiking, biking, drive by car or take the train.

The team works on data mining, data creation and aggregation as well as finding ways to display the collected data in a useful manner.

  • GPS coordinates
  • GPX to store POI
  • KML

OpenWalks Platform

We are working on a social walkin/hiking/biking community platform. Therefore we want to make use of the Swisstopo maps found on The aim is to create a web based portal, where you can add walks. This contains walk description, photos, and the ability to upload GPX files. From that, a map will be generated based on the Swisstopo map material with the GPX route description as overlay. This map will be displayed inline, within the portal

Others can edit the walks, comment on it or share it. It should also be possible to invite ppl to take a walk :)

We decided NOT to provide an app for tracking GPS data and generating GPX files, as there are good ones available already (e.g. Open GPS Tracker, see Links section).

We may provide an application that allows drawing of tracks on the map as addition to GPS data collection. (Vasile picked that task).

Benefits - compared to existing portals

  • 100% open and free
  • Crowdsources - People upload and share GPX files.
  • Rating, Comments
  • “Meetup like community function

Current Status (20110930)





  • domain sponsorship for one year


  • Heiko prepares some sample KML data and creates a Swisstopo map from that
  • Marcus Moeller ( marcus dot moeller at gmx dot ch)
  • Remo (re bodestrich stei ät gmx punkt ch)
  • Kramak65
  • Heiko Linke
  • Frank Krippendorf ( frank ät krippendorf-online punkt ch )
  • Moritz Meenen
  • Vasile
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