(Original working title: Portrait Domain)


This is a concept for an gamified social media platform / art installation aiming to explore alternate identity, reflect on the usurping of privacy through facial recognition technology, and make use of historic digitized photographs in the Public Domain to recreate personas from the past. Since the #glamhack event where this project started, we have developed an offline installation which uses Augmented Reality to explore the portraits. See videos on Twitter or Instagram.

View the concept document for a full description.

The exhibit gathers data on user interactions with historical portraits, which is combined with analytics from the web application on the Logentries platform:

Launched by loleg at the hackdays, this project has already had over a dozen collaborators and advisors who have kindly shared time and expertise in support. Thank you all!

Please also see the closely related projects picturethis and graphing_the_stateless.

<GITHUB loleg/portraitdomain-web>

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