This app uses open data in order to compare hospital statistics in Switzerland.

Over the past five years studies were done to compare approximately 300 hospitals and maternity wards across the country using a range of quality indicators, such as waiting time in emergency rooms, and the types of cases handled. This data is freely available, and there is already an official Web application which can be used to run queries against the data, comparing one or more hospital/s to each other based on a selection of criteria.

In this hackathon project, we started developing a mobile app which presents a more basic view into this data, with the potential of visualizing the information in innovative ways. Also see Heath Data Visualization for web-based maps of the same data.

In late 2012, the project was continued as part of an internship at Apps with love GmbH. The results of this further development have been summarized and presented to the Swiss Department of Health in a short paper.

A prototype binary of the app can be provided on request and installed on an Android device - you must enable developer mode/non-App Store software in Settings first.

The data is available under Creative Commons license in the Open Government Data pilot portal, updated with 2011 statistics. If we get enough interest in the app, we will be happy to update it. Please contact the developers directly.

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