The computer produces animations. Dada! All your artworks are belong to us. We build the parameters, you watch the animations. Words, images, collide together into ever changing, non-random, pseudo-random, deliberately unpredictable tensile moments of social media amusement. Yay!

For this first prototype we used Walter Serner’s Text “Letzte Lockerung – Manifest Dada” as a source. This text is consequently reconfigured, rewritten and thereby reinterpreted by the means of machine learning using “char-rnm”.

Images in the public domain snatched out of the collection “Wandervögel” from the Schweizerische Sozialarchiv.

Your instant piece of art

By sending something to the Twitter account @a__da___d, you get a piece of animated dada back. Smile and enjoy.

<GITHUB loleg/dadatelekom>

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