International Sports Hackdays - 23/24.05.2014

Please add your projects to the wiki following instructions here, and tag them with sport



  • Blitzpoll (demo) - App to gather and display live opinions and emotions during football matches.
  • SecondLamp - Hardware indicator for how interesting the game situation is in a given moment.
  • Spörtle (demo) - Visualising popular and traditional Swiss sports with national statistics.
  • MatchQuote - Using a foosball table to experience historic soccer games.
  • Tour de France API (demo) - An attempt to aggregate all available historic open data about the Tour de France.


  • Optisports (demo) - Support tool for decision making for the implementation and optimization of financial, planning and use aspects of sports facilities.
  • Linked Open Data for Bisses (demo) - Walking along the bisses, discovering the know-how for construction of these small irrigation canals and enjoying the taste of local products in “Cabanes”. How to gather relevant information in one App.
  • Beat It Do you like to run but you lack motivation? Do you feel like running alone is lame and boring? Not anymore. Race the bus and beat it! Beat it! is a mobile application that challenges you to race a bus to a system chosen station. The application accesses the open transport data of the Swiss cities and localizes you in relation to them. Every challenge met awards you with points.
  • Sportee Find users and places who like the same sports you do.


  • Digital Trainer Prototype Digital Trainer Protoype is a user interface re-design for Unity , the ultimate Technogym training machine.
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