Beat it!

Do you like to run but you lack motivation? Do you feel like running alone is lame and boring? Not anymore. Race the bus and beat it! Beat it! is a mobile application that challenges you to race a bus to a system chosen station. The application accesses the open transport data of the Swiss cities and localizes you in relation to them. Every challenge met awards you with points.


  • Goal: motivate a person to run
  • User profile: a young person under 40, living in a city and having a limited time to run
  • Activity Loops:
    • user picks the mode : running or walking
    • the application presents the challenge, the user accepts or declines to take the challenge
    • the user is positioned on the map along the bus station and the countdown timer
    • the user can win or loose the challenge. If he wins, he earns points, if he looses he is offered the possibility to restart the challenge.
    • when the challenge is met, the user is offered a new challenges more difficult.
  • Application flow: the following picture represents the application flow and the different screen as they were designed






  • iOS7 compatible