An Internet-connected foosball table like the one built during an IoT Workshop at Hyperlab Basel, detects goals and provides a timestamped timeline of an ongoing game.




So we thought it might be nice to get quotes of classic games that resemble the current foosball situation, whenever a goal is scored.


Foosball is usually played to 7 or 10 goals. In order to match the ongoing foosball game to a soccer game we have to slightly change the rules. Our foosball game is played for 9 minutes (a tenth of 90 minutes). We further assume that there's a local team that everybody loves, e.g. FCB in Basel. As it happens, there is a nice JSON dataset of past FCB games denoting which team shot a goal in which minute.

We took this data set and calculated the current score of each game for each goal. Then we stored it together with the minute a goal was shot, the home team and opponent name, and the date of the game.

Whenever a foosball goal happens, we use the current score to lookup soccer games that had the same score, then check if a goal happened at roughly the same time (scaled by 1/10). Note that we only match a single goal, i.e. the quote relates to the current situation but not the overall timeline. This has the side effect that different games are quoted.


TODO: integrate quotes into score board Web page.

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