Project Showcase

The following is a small historic selection of projects started at events, documented on this wiki, and whose source code and data is open and accessible over the Web. We hope that they will help you get an idea for the possibilities created by opening data to a creative and motivated community.

Next to each project is a link to the corresponding area of our Data wiki where you will find information on such open data sources and activity of the working group, if one exists. If you would like to see more project like this, you should join or help us organise a Hackathon on the corresponding topic.

For more information or if you have any feedback for the developers, please leave a note on our forum. For any other questions send us an e-mail, or talk to a representative of at the next event.

More up-to-date showcases are maintained at:

transportflows_ds.jpg /transport/Transport Flows

Mapping public transportation flows in Switzerland with innovative Web graphics, the project visualizes the network of SBB CFF (trains, S-Bahn), revealing interesting facts about national mobility. This is one of many projects built on Transport API, a community-run accessible developer interface to Swiss public transport and timetable data.
Try the live application
portraitdomain-2015-02-28-111208.jpg /glam/Portrait ID

Gamified social media platform / art installation aiming to explore alternate identity, reflect on the usurping of privacy through facial recognition technology, and make use of historic digitized photographs in the Public Domain to recreate personas from the past.
Learn more at the website and concept doc
/finance/Open Budgets

The finances of Swiss towns and cantons have been visualized with innovative Web graphics and interfaces, the goal being transparency at a local government level.
See the live budgets of Bern, Canton of Bern and its Proposals for 2014, Zürich and Winterthur. See also Equalization Payments, visualising transfers between communes in Bern.
/environment/Army Contaminated Sites

The Swiss army's environmental legacy has been mapped from a register of contaminated sites of the Department of Defense.
See it live at
08_gesagt_im_parlament.jpg /politics/Parliamentarian Tag Clouds

Political affairs presented and discussed by Swiss members of parliament are web-scraped to make tag clouds for each politician showing their most prominent topics.
hospital_viz_ds.jpg /health/Hospital Comparison

Open data on 200 Swiss hospitals has provided us with a range of indicators, such as waiting times in emergency rooms, and the types of cases handled.
See maps and charts, and prototype mobile app.

Do you have an idea of your own? Care to share some data with us? Please leave a note on our forum, or talk to us at the next event. To see more, please visit the Projects Home.

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