Zürich Open Data Hacknights 2013

organised by "Open Data Zürich", Statistic Office of the City of Zurich – in cooperation with the association Opendata.ch & the startup Mingle.io

Documentation Status Future/Needs
Zwürmli Mockups Developers
Kein Stress mit den Pollen Demo
Brancheninformationen Zürich Code Complete Commercial Register Data are needed
Familienfreundliches Zürich Code Consolidate and weight the data
Crowdpee Demo
Denkmalführer Demo Add further data/content sources
Bevölkerungsbestände Stadt Zürich Demo
Züri für das Leben Concept Develop the concept
OpenTripPlanner for Zurich Code Finalize GTFS files
Zürich Mood Index Demo
Von und Zu Zürich
Wasteland Demo
ZüriCrime Demo
Induo Demo
Einkommensklassen Gemeinden Kt. ZH
Wohnungssuche nach Wunschkriterien
Date 15 October 2013 29 October 2013 12 November 2013
Venue Colab Zurich Colab Zurich Musiksaal, Stadthaus Zurich
Time 6pm to 11pm 6pm to 11pm 5pm to 7pm
Program Timeline in detail Keep on hacking Timeline in detail
12 Nov 2013 Musiksaal, Stadthaus Zurich
17:00 - 17:15 Begrüssung durch das Team der Open Data Zürich
17:15 - 18:30 Vorstellung der Resultate (10 min./Team
18:30 - 18:45 Wahl des Publikumssiegers
18:45 - 19:00 Preisübergabe und Schlusswort von Simone Nuber, Direktorin der Statistik Stadt Zürich

The organizers from the city of Zurich did formulate a specific challenge for these series of hacknights, nevertheless leaving a lot of room for your creativity: What is the optimal location for a certain purpose? So, the overall topic is location-based decision making. Possible solutions can be developed to answer the question of the challenge. The ideas should be designed to help people at large make location decisions intuitively.

Because the challenge is intended to encourage the use of open spatial data of the City of Zurich, you are required to use at least one – but rather more – datasets available via the Open Data Portal of the City of Zurich.

If you want to join the hacknights, please register by using this form.

To participate in the challenge all teams and solos are required to document their projects in this wiki. You can find out how to create a wiki page for your project and get started in the Projects Home.

Participants: make use of these useful resources, listed in our wiki, and join our forum. An announcement pinned in the forum already has people posting ideas and datasets - check it out!

Further resources, that will be presented at the beginning of the 1st hacknight:

Open Data that will be presented at the beginning of the 1st hacknight (list will be updated continuously):

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