In parallel to the Conference on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 at Casino de Montbenon in Lausanne, we will run a participant-driven (BarCamp style) unconference track. Ideas for brief (~15 min) talks and meetup topics can be suggested online or the morning of the conference. The current list of accepted unconference topics is shown below:



by Nicolas Fojtu, Joshua Herbst  

We all are part of a vast production system, as consuming and producing nodes in a global supply chain network. However, our horizon is limited. Often a single node knows little about where its input is coming from and little about where its output is going to. KnowTheFlow aims at combining local information of input and output to collectively form a recurrent network, a directed graph. By collectively sharing local information our horizon can be expanded beyond the individual limits. KnowTheFlow is a mass collaboration project where data is systematically collected at different levels of specificity and continuously refined and cross-linked.


Transport Open Data

by Chrisitan Trachsel  

Discussion about what kind of Information Transport companies could provide for your apps (except Realtime Data – they will be here end of this year)


OpenLocal Project IDEA

by Pascal Kotté  

How can we provide an alternative directory, where people are their own decidors who will use published data, which conditions, and OpenData compatible, not « privated » and « abuse » resell (like, or « no idea how used » (like Google, Facebook) ! I dream to create the project


Community based environnemental monitoring

by Roger Erismann  

One of the benefits of a “Community Based Environmental Monitoring” (CBEM) project is to expand the monitoring capacity of government agencies and engage the public in environmental stewardship.


Are OKCupid profiles really meant to be open data?

by Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Self-described researchers have recently released scraped OKCupid profiles on an open data repository. We will use this incident as a case study to discuss emerging moral, ethical and legal challenges to the open data movement.


WikiData Meetup

by Muriel  

I would like people who are interested in WikiData to meet and get in touch


Get your personal data

by Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

The law gives you access to tons of your personal data, including from US based corporate sources. Learn how to get to it.


Data literacy #FTW

by Oleg Lavrovsky  

Lots of people at will be involved in sharing knowledge about open data publishing and applications. It seems like a great opportunity to get together to discuss what works most effectively, in what formats (workshops, offline and online courses, open literature, tools) and where we might share or help contribute to each other’s materials.