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MAKE is an ongoing event series by, the Swiss chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Switzerland’s national Open Data Camps bring thinkers and makers together to discuss critical questions, create prototypes (such as apps and visualisations), and help accelerate openness, innovation and efficiency in private and public domains.

Open Knowledge Conference - Law Mining Hackathon - Geneva - 16-18th September 2013 - In partnership with OKFN

16.–19. September 2013, Geneva, OKCon

Building bridges between the big world of legal information and new apps built on open data, which are needed by both lawyers and lawmakers, and all citizens under the law. These apps might aggregate and sort through information, reduce repetitive work, make understanding and working with the law more efficient and accessible. An overview of the results is here

22.–23. March 2013: MAKE Finance, in Berne & Sierre

At past Swiss Open Data Camps we have already had several applications and visualizations around the theme of “money”, among them the Bern Budget Visualisation. We focussed on the theme of finance, procurement, budgets and material worth in the widest sense. In Bern on Thursday we also had a General Meeting of the society as well as a podium discussion on the subject of Open Data. On Friday and Saturday the hackdays took place in Bern and Sierre in parallel. The event is free and we invited participants or all backgrounds, languages and experience to join us. See: results and projects.

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To participate in our camps everyone is qualified, no matter what level of expertise you have with the Web, programming, or IT. For the next camp we are also in particularly looking for people with experience in the topics of finance, monetary policy, budgets, and folks with experience with and/or interest in data visualization who would like to contribute with his developer-skills to amazing ideas and projects. If you have any friends in these areas, please invite them to come along.

Together thinkers and doers get things done and make a difference. Your ideas and your competence are in high demand to shape the future of how we deal with data in this country, so if you too feel it’s time to make a difference sign up as:


  • people who want to change things in their community
  • subject matter experts who have data and want to collaborate/share it
  • public officials who want to help further open access for eGovernment


  • find out about evolving information visualization discipline
  • an opportunity to build skills and work with interactive graphics
  • help publicise and spread the message of open access


  • learn tools and techniques for accessing public data sources
  • collaborate with designers and innovators on exciting applications
  • help build an outstanding platform for connecting interest across Switzerland