This is a game about guessing and learning about geography through images and maps, made with Swisstopo's online maps of Switzerland. For several years this game was developed as open source, part of a series of GeoAdmin StoryMaps: you can try the original SwissGuesser game here, based on a dataset from the Swiss Federal Archives now hosted at

The new version puts your orienteering of Swiss museums to the test.

Demo: OpenGuesser Demo

Encouraged by an excellent Wikidata workshop (slides) at #GLAMhack 2017, we are testing a new dataset of Swiss museums, their locations and photos, obtained via the Wikidata Linked Data endpoint (see app/data/*.sparql in the source). Visit this Wikidata Query for a preview of the first 10 results. This opens the possibility of connecting other sources, such as datasets tagged 'glam' on, and creating more custom games based on this engine.

We play-tested, revisited the data, then forked and started a refresh of the project. All libraries were updated, and we got rid of the old data loading mechanism, with the goal of connecting (later in real time) to open data sources. A bunch of improvement ideas are already proposed, and we would be glad to see more ideas and any contributions: please raise an Issue or Pull Request on GitHub if you're so inclined!

<GITHUB loleg/openguesser>

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