Swiss Supreme Court

In this project we are developing an open search engine by keywords and law articles for the website of the Swiss Supreme Court. Currently, the Swiss Supreme Court website search is powered by Swisslex, which charges fees for efficient jurisprudential research. Searching their website with Google is a free alternative, however this type of search is too generic and broad.

Based on data of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, Alexander has built an online case history crawler, the demo of which can be accessed here:

(Note, we are currently struggling to keep the service up due to hardware issues. Please click on screenshots above if the page is down.)

Hackathon goals

Since jurisprudence is supposed to be known by everybody, an efficient search engine is a mandatory tool for democracy and goes along with the open data philosophy. The goals of the LegalHack@OKCon 2013 challenge for this project were to:

  1. Enable the use of search by filters
  2. Implement search by law articles
  3. Implement search by keywords
  • Florian Ducommun, Creative Commons Switzerland
  • Alexandre Poltorak, Free IT Foundation
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