This is a LegalHack@OKCon 2013 challenge

Case Success

Every case is unique.

It is often difficult for a lawyer to answer one of the most pressing question of his client: What are my chances of success if we go to court (or if I plea non-guilty)? The challenge is to provide lawyers and clients with an accurate base rate of success or average amount for a similar claim. At the end of the day, the decision is always taken by a judge on the basis of the evidence and arguments in front of him. However, when you have a database of thousands of these decisions, you can start seeing trends and probablities.

Law case databases like CanLii from Canada (also see Beta Site) offer exhaustive decisions from a certain court for a certain period of times. What kind of metadata would allow easily to compile such statistics?

Example use cases:

  • Criminal law: What is the success rate of a right to self-defense strategy in case of assault? What is the average sentence? How many cases go to appeal?
  • Civil law: What is the base rate of success for a (dommage-intérêts) claim in case of property damages caused by a dog? In case of success, what is the average amount of damages granted by the judge?
  • Building trust: clients of lawyers could take more well-advised decisions when it comes to “should we try to settle out of court or not” (for civil law cases).
  • Research: it can be extremely valuable for policy-makers and researchers to have the ability to easily cross reference a large amount of case data.

Hackathon goals

  1. Create a database with parties names, status (plaintiff or defendant) and the result (who won the case);
  2. Push the database forward by including the amount of the claim and the result;
  3. Create a website where the user can query his chances of success;

We could start with these three goals regarding one specific legal action (example: civil liability claims for damages caused by an animal) in front of a specific jurisdiction (example: Cour du Québec). If the goals are too easy, the ultimate goal would be to extend to multiple legal actions or multiple jurisdictions.


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