Data description: Archival description of the fonds of selected ecclesiastical archives in Switzerland (christian churches - parishes, monasteries, missions, other religions are included in the ecumenical sense); reference data only - full text information has to be organized accordingly; data dictionary is in place; Web site is done in php. See full description in german

Data ownership: Working Group of ecclesiastical archivists (AGGA) WITHIN the Swiss Association of archivists (VSA)

Project goal: Dissemenination of catalogued data for a broader scope in an open format (possibly LOD) for the public, mainly for historical research and theology. In the future, primary data could be interlinked either (partially from existing repositories like [[|eCodices] or others ] In the future full text data (e.g. minutes) could be embedded.

Project steps: 1. Extracting raw data from DB: mySQL dump (approx. 1000 datasets) - delivered by Admin: Erich Schneider (ZH) 2. Reorganize / restructure and index data; reload on a dedicated page (site) 3. Dissemination / publication according to Open GLAM principles: index of Swiss cultural heritage data; portals to be selected (Swiss heritage institutions); as a pre-condition all “Archivträger” (owning organisations) have to approve the free publication of their metadata for GLAM purposes first. 4. This last step shall be done under a CC-0 licence (Creative Commons)


  • - ideator: Jürg Hagmann (member of the working group AGGA)
  • C.G.
  • Supported by Oleg


  • Jürg Hagmann
  • Silvan Heller
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