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With a background in molecular modeling and chemoinformatics, my area of expertise covers data mining and integration based on either relational or linked data technologies. I have many years of experience in the conceptualization, implementation and documentation of modern software architectures for large, distributed systems, from mainstream entreprise platforms to lightweight web based technologies. As founding board member of the association, I am also strongly engaged in the promotion of the Open Government Data movement in Switzerland.


Happy to help with:

  • setting up metadata repositories
  • designing web application architecture
  • designing domain specific models (ontology)
  • solve data integration problems
  • accessing and publishing data using Web Services or Linked Data
  • setting up Linux-based app servers
  • coding applications in Java, Ruby or Python
  • coding visualizations in JavaScript
  • setting up relational databases
  • setting up a triple store
  • solving bioinformatics and molecular modelling chalenges
  • implementing chemoinformatics solutions


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