This is a LegalHack@OKCon 2013 challenge

Mass Tort Litigation Platform

Create a platform for collecting information about mass tort cases.

Hackathon goals

  • Focus 1: Visualization Task (Identify admissibility of aggregating cases to a mass case)
  • Focus 2: Visualization Task (Identify Admissibility, size, and effect of contingency fees in mass tort cases.
  • Focus 3: Visualization Task (Find and quantify other elements in legal systems enabling the aggregation of claims into one legal case and/or making the participation in an aggregated claim favorable to the plaintiff)
  • Focus 4: Enable the public to submit according information. Examples: by creating “contingency fee radar”, or the like; collecting information about how contingency fees work, and what impacts contingency fees may have.
Jurisdiction Subcontext Valid as of Admissibility Caps Customary amount Effect of change
California - - yes No ? -
California MedMal - yes 40% of first 50'000, 33% of next 50'000, 25% of next $100'000, 10% of anything over 200'000 -
California - 2016 yes yes, as MedMal ? -
…. -
  • Focus 5: Develop routines to categorize data into a possible decision matrix (spider chart, or the like), enabling decision makers to take a decision whether, where and how to initiate a lawsuit.
  • TBD
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  • Tools you used …
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