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Picture 1: GLAM Demonstrator Search Portal Homepage

Semweb provides an application using RDF data coming from project glam_rdf_data_online. This data contains RDFized collections from

* Davit Mittelholzer collection/ E-PICS (ETH-Zürich)
* Gugelmann collection / Swiss National Library
* fotographs data collection /
* Openglam inventory lists (


This search portal has an entry page containing a tag cloud and a search field. From here the user can insert her/his search text or pick up a tag from the tag cloud. The application starts showing results from RDF queries based on glam_rdf_data_online.

The search portal is intended as demonstrator search portal which permits to explore linked data coming from a remote RDF Store in a ludic way.

Each search delivers three layers of information:

i) Facets in which the search term appears

ii) Data inside each facet

iii) Thesaurus data coming from GETTY Thesaurus for Art and Architecture

More in detail

i) The facets shown as a result of each search denote 1:1 the RDF properties which addresses text literals containing the search term. The name of some of these properties were translated to English names, others are default as they come from RDF data.

ii) Object data are listed with icons. Where a picture is existent / could be found, it is served, otherwise a static icon is shown (some picture are retrieved from the RDF material, others via web). Clicking on one icon shows the details for the corresponding entity. For some (few) entities where a combination waas possible, like categories inside an EPIC entity, clicking on that category starts a search on elements linking to that category. Items are navigable through arrows.

iii) Thesaurus data are queried and collected and shown using the SKOS model. Thesaurus data are useful for both expanding or restricting a search. Theaurus data are shown following the SKOS model in broader/narrower/related concepts - these concept are named here “semantic facets”. After retrieval of thesaurus data, an agent calculates in advance the matches on the current RDF material in case a semantic facet be clicked (for search). The thesaurus search - as well as the agent search - are perfomed as well using SPARQL queries.

Adding a data source is quite easy
Adding a further (RDF) data source is very easy. The application is not yet a metaframework accepting any source but with some effort can be enhanced to accept a new data source “on-the-fly”.

Since the application is a prototype, it needs refinement. For instance in result ranking, stronger Interlinking and maybe on the efficiency levels.

Further screenshots
Picture 2: GLAM Demonstrator Search Portal - Searching 4 gold …

Picture 3a: GLAM Demonstrator Search Portal - Detail on one EPIC entity …

Picture 3b: GLAM Demonstrator Search Portal - Detail on same EPIC entity showing navigable categories

Picture 4a: GLAM Demonstrator Search Portal - Detail Entity

Picture 4b: GLAM Demonstrator Search Portal - Detail Entity on categories

Data from namespage "openglam2" in [[project:glam_rdf_data_online]] 
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