Semweb provides a SPARQL Endpoint as a basis to build Linked Data Applications.

Access the SPARQL endpoint at (no credentials needed)

Note: This SPARQL endpoint will be available until July 31st 2016. After that date, the endpoint will be put offline. It will still be used as a basis for the glamsearchportal project demo.

To be used in two ways:

1) Query RDF Data from the repositories “openglam” and “openglam2” directly or via REST

2) Add your new respository namespace (please do not delete other namespaces than yours!), upload and use RDF Data


a) The namespace “openglam2” is also the basis for another project - GLAMSearchPortal - so please do not change data here.

b) Nevertheless you might query data from namespace openglam2. This namespace contains RDFized data from:
* David Mittelholzer (Fotograph) - collection from EPIC (ETH Zürich)
* Gugelmann
* Fotographs data from
* Openglam Inventory data from

Under the link you access a BLAZEGRAPH Workbench where you can * Add some repository * Add some data (please each one in her/his repository) * Query the data interactively or via REST - no credentials needed

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