A better way to experience art: Build a working, easy to follow example that integrates open and curated culture data with VR devices in a museum exhibition to provide modern, fun and richer visitor experience. Focusing on one art piece, organizing data alone the timeline, building a concept and process, so anyone who want to use above technologies can easily follow the steps for any art object for any museum.

Have a VR device next to the painting, we integrate interesting facts about the painting in a 360 timeline view with voice over. Visitors can simply put it on to use it.

Try the live demo in your browser - works particularly well on mobile phones, and supports Google Cardboard:


Visit the project homepage for more information, and to learn more about the technology and data used.

See also: hackathon presentation (PPTX) | source code (GitHub)

  1. “Allianzteppich”, a permanent collection in Landsmuseum
  2. Curated data from Dominik Sievi in Landsmuseum
  3. Open data sources (WikiData)
  • Kamontat Chantrachirathumrong (Developer)
  • Oleg Lavrovsky (Developer)
  • Marina Pardini (UX designer)
  • Birk Weiberg (Art Historian)
  • Xia Willuhn (Developer)

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