The goal of the project is to try to ingest all performances of the Schauspielhaus Theater in Zurich held between 1938 and 1968 in Wikidata. In a further step, data from the Platform, Swiss Theatre Collection and other data providers could be ingested as well.

  1. load data in OpenRefine
  2. Column after column (starting with the easier ones) :
    1. reconcile against wikidata
    2. manually match entries that matched multiple entries in wikidata
    3. find out what items are missing in wikidata
    4. load them in wikidata using quick statements (quick statements 2 allow you to retrieve the Q numbers of the newly created items)
    5. reconcile again in OpenRefine

Raw Data

Reconcile in OpenRefine

Choose corresponding type

For Work, you can use the author as an additional property

Manually match multiple matches

Import in Wikidata with quick statements

Step 1

  • Len : english label
  • P31 : instance of
  • Q5 : human
  • P106 : occupation
  • Q1323191 : costume designer

Step 2

Step 3 (you can get the Q number from there)

  • Renate Albrecher
  • Julia Beck
  • Flor Méchain
  • Beat Estermann
  • Birk Weiberg
  • Lionel Walter
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