Sub Title: Tinder for Politics

This project aims at designing a POC of a service allowing to express sentiments on political topics/issues. These topics and issues are crowdsources based on participants and also on a pertinent subset of Twitter #Tags and political figures tweets.

Expression of sentiments can be of 2 types: - Yes|No|Neutral

- UP vote | Down vote

It can also be possible to add a free text short comment that can optionally be Tweeted.

The POC will be composed of : - an App initially iOS but can be easily ported to Android.

- A backend system for the service

Questions and open issues :

- Timing of votes (cut off dates / times) ?

- Withdraw of votes ?

- Thresholds before revealing participants

- Metadata : geolocation, demographic (age, gender, …)

- Evolution (first votes latest votes)

  • A sample list of the last tweets of all Geneva candidates (We could select any canton in the Swiss romande)
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