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Idea: Create a database containing all the heritage institutions in Switzerland. For each heritage institution, all collections are listed. For each collection the degree of digitization and the level of openness are indicated: metadata / content available in digital format? available online? available under an open license? etc. - The challenge is twofold: First, we need to find a technical solution that scales well over time and across national borders. Second, the processes to regularly collect data about the collections and their status need to be set up.

National inventories of heritage institutions are created as part of the OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey; there is also a network of national contacts in a series of countries which have been involved in a common data collection exercise.

Port the GLAM inventory to Wikipedia, enrich it with links to existing Wikipedia articles: See German Wikipedia|Project "Schweizer Gedächtnisinstitutionen in der Wikipedia". Track the heritage institutions' presence in Wikipedia. Encourage the Wikipedia community to write articles about institutions that haven't been covered it in Wikipedia. Once all existing articles have been repertoried, the inventory can be transposed to Wikidata.

  • Provide a basic inventory as a Linked Open Data Service
  • Create an inventory of collections and their accessibility status
  • various people from the Wikipedia communtiy
  • and maybe you?
  • Open Data Census: There is an international Open Data Census for Open Government Data. After some discussion, the international OpenGLAM working group has reached the conclusion that the approach used cannot directly be applied to the GLAM sector, as heritage institutions’ collections are rather heterogeneous.
  • Open Government Vorgehensmodell (KDZ Zentrum für Verwaltungsforschung, Wien)
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