A web page that helps you pinpoint the foods containing potentially allergenic nutrients… and vice versa.

An apps that collect all your health related events along your life time line. This apps also collects info from open data bases related to your health condition.

Ex. Imagine you develop some food allergy. You record it and you record the food you eat. The apps imports from the open data base the specific ingredients in your food that could cause your allergy and set it on your timeline.

  • Brainstorm around the ideas, “medical time line” & “input allergenics foods in time line”
  • Search for some allergenic data base
  • Mockups

  • Still searching for a descent allergenic/nutrient database
  • Calling Migros, Coop, ETH etc: “Do you have an allergenic database ?” → A lot of call transfers… but no database available.
  • YES! we found one usable allergenic/nutrient database
  • Start coding in .dotnet
  • Good night
  • Continue coding
  • We loose too much time searching for a good database to be able to implement all the functionnalities before 16:00.. Yes, we knew that we were a little bit too ambitious… 3 ideators for 1 coder is not the good mix ;-)
  • The project will at least complete the request to the database… the timeline will be left for future extensions
  • Use twitter to announce health events (but what about privacy ?)
  • Look for swiss food data base …
Time Line Table
Start Date End Date Event Event Descr Age at Event Link to Specific Record in external Database (Nutrient, food or Drugs)
User Table
qui date de naissance
Nutrient Table
NDB_No Shrt_Desc NutrDesc Nutr_Val FdGrp_Desc
Product/Food Table
Shrt_Desc NDB_No NutrDesc Nutr_Val FdGrp_Desc
  • Best way to integrate personnal events and info from data base ?
  • Must have = M
    • Display life events along time line ✘ (not implemented)
    • Navigate along time line ✘ (not implemented)
    • Input life/health events ✘ (not implemented)
    • Import and search info from dedicated external database :-)
  • Should have = S
    • Export/Import time life report
    • Annotate time lines
  • Could have = C
    • Publicly share some (anonymized) part of time line
    • Compare time lines
  • Would have … nice but not this time = W
    • Make coffee

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