Historical archives often have to deal with a huge amount of photographs and other historical images. Once they are digitalized, they need to get categorized: What is pictured on them?

This application is an experimental approach to use automated image-recognition for this task.

This first version runs with Google Vision. A further goal is to integrate other picture-recognition-APIs as well to get better results (e.g. Microsoft Computer Vision, IBM Visual Recognition, etc.).

Foto Sources

The used demo photos were taken from:

  • Indien-Bilder der Handelsfirma Gebrüder Volkart, Stadtarchiv Winterthur, Link
  • Bildarchiv des Lebensmittelverein Zürich (LVZ), Sozialarchiv Zürich, Link
  • Fotosammlung: Wandervogel - Schweizerischer Bund für alkoholfreie Jugendwanderungen, Sozialarchiv Zürich, Link

All licensed under CC-by

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