How green is my street?

Using new open data provided by the City of Lausanne at Make Open Data 2011, we determine how “green” a street is by averaging the total energy usage of the buildings on it. This may be compared to the national average as detailed below.

To use the app, start typing the name of your street (i.e. Avenue, Rue, Chemin …), then click in the menu that appears to confirm. Data is loaded showing year-by-year energy consumption, as well as a map centered on the chosen street. Click on past years to see a visual representation of the building data available.

Developed as a CouchApp in JavaScript and HTML5, with a database conversion script written in Python. Embedded map of Lausanne from GeoAdmin. Check out consommation_energie_lausanne for a project which uses the same source data set to plot right on a map (we'd love to pull our efforts together ;)


<GITHUB loleg/green-street>

  • loleg - code/design
  • vasko - design/research

Kind thanks to Jean-Philippe Steck and the City of Lausanne for making this project possible.

  • Annual energy consumption figures of 50'000 buildings provided by the City of Lausanne (to be published soon)
  • Indice de dépense énergétique (IDE) : 650 MJ/ (moyenne suisse), Laboratoire de systèmes Energetiques EPFL, 2008 - Energy Consumption in Switzerland Report

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