HUDOC database have been crawled. A statistics module has been developed and adjusted during the hackathon.
The link: Mapping ECHR CaseLaw


  • Animated country map
  • FullText search & filtering. Example: Judgements that contain the word "freedom"
  • Live table of results: below the map the pivot table is live, when you click a cell it opens a search with those documents
  • Absolute & relative coloring. Absolute coloring is what you see by default. Relative coloring: if you click on a country in the table below the years chart, the country will be selected. The color of other country cells will be green, if the value of the cell is less then the value of the selected country for that specific year, or red (a gradient of yellow-red) if a given country has more documents then the selected country. (it's described in the About page)

Animated country map

Live pivot table

Relative coloring of the table (select a country to compare to)

Actual datasources: HUDOC

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  • jVectorMap, SOLR, Google Visualization
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