Cultural Music Radio

This is a cultural music radio which plays suitable music depending on your gps location or travel route. Our backend server looks for artists and musicians nearby the user's location and sends back an array of Spotify music tracks which will then be played on the iOS app.

We use a python server backend to process RESTful API requests. Clients can send their gps location and will receive a list of Spotify tracks which have a connection to this location (e.g. the artist / musician come from there).

We provide a javascript web fronted so the services can be used from any browser. The gps location is determined via html5 location services.

In our iOS App we get the user's location and send it to our python backend. We then receive a list of Spotify tracks which will be then played via Spotify iOS SDK. There is also a map available which shows where the user is currently located and what is around him.

We offer a nicely designed user interface which allows users to quickly switch between music and map view to discover both environment and music! 8-)

<GITHUB quappi/CultureRadio>

  • MusicBrainz for linking locations to artists and music tracks
  • Spotify for music streaming in the iOS app (account required)
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