Since 1994 several thousands of research projects have been funded by the EU. Hundreds of different institutions in many countries have collaborated on a very broad range of research topics.

We're working on possible visualisations which should help researchers and the public see connections between the different collaborators and topics. Ultimately also showing trending research topics from FP4 until Horizon2020.

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  • General Information / Description
  • Objectives
  • Activity Area
  • Subject
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Duration
  • Status
  • Total Cost
  • Framework Programme
  • Coordinator Country / Organizing Country
  • Contractor Country
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What stories can be found in the data and how can we visualize them?

Blackboard Figures Draft 1 Figures Draft 2

Wrangling stories out of chaotic data… with a little help from IPython

Cable Salad IPython

A given set of data can be (mis-)used to tell completely opposite stories

During FP4 Switzerland got most funding per project. It had only 8 projects in that period, but the 31st most expensive one of the 4k considered. However, only ca. 0.3% of the total funding went to Switzerland.

<GITHUB upekkha/fp4-storytelling>

New visualisation tools can show new connections

Looking at projects during FP4 where Switzerland was the coordinating country, the longest and highly paid projects featured collaborations with Austria and Belgium.

Duration Cost Country

During Horizon2020 (as of June 2015) most funding went towards fusion energy research, which overshadowed other projects funding by an order of magnitude.


Precautions when surfing in contaminated data fluids: never surf alone or when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and never dive head first into an unfamiliar source of data. - Barbara Strebel (1997)
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