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Wiki Welcome

The Swiss Make Open Data Camps are collaborative events uniting ideators, developers and designers to create amazing things with open data. This wiki is used for collaboration by hackday participants and organizers. Register, log in, use it - it's yours! For any questions, ideas and all things that are not “documentation”: feel free to ask on the forum.

Here you can find details of the next event, as well as events in the past, start, discover, and contribute to open data projects. For our blog and all other information please visit Opendata.ch, the Swiss chapter of Open Knowledge.

To find data or add links to yours, see Open Data home.

What's MAKE-ing

Opendata.ch Conference

We will be in Zürich on September 18 for the annual Opendata.ch conference, featuring great speakers and workshops. Let us know on the forum or on Twitter #opendatach if you are planning to be there and have anything you would like to share or discuss at this community gathering.

Check out the results of our last MAKE event, the International Sports Hackdays.

Browse all previous events.

Please use the tag #makeopendata on Twitter, Flickr, etc.

You can chat on the IRC channel [[irc://chat.freenode.net/makeope

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