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The Swiss Open Data Camp is a collaborative event uniting ideators, developers and designers to create amazing things with open data. Which means the event is about YOU with the unique background and skills you can share - and it takes participation from everybody to make it a success!

Please register for the next event on our home page

Make Open Data Hackdays Wiki

This wiki is used for collaboration by the make.opendata.ch hackday participants and organizers. Register, log in, use it - it's yours! For any questions, ideas and all things that are not “documentation”: feel free to let us know on the forum.

Details of the next hackathon are up on http://make.opendata.ch - see you in Zürich and Geneva on March 30/31! Please register on the home page (even if you already are a user) to give us advance notice on attendance. If tons of people show up and we didn't know because you didn't register, we'll keep the candy to ourselves :-)

If you're new here, welcome! Here are some useful pages to get you started:

Please use the tag #makeopendata on Twitter, Flickr, etc.

You can chat on the IRC channel irc://chat.freenode.net/makeopendata

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