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 === What's MAKE-ing === === What's MAKE-ing ===
-[[http://opendata.ch/2014/|{{http://opendata.ch/files/2014/07/conf14.png|}}]] +<​html><​!-- Start Navigation --> 
-====== Opendata.ch Conference ======+<table border="​0">​ 
 +<​b><​big><​a href="/​wiki/​event:2016-04">​Open Energy Data Hackdays<​/a></big></b> 
 +<a href="/​wiki/​event:​2016-04#​venue_registration">​Venue & Registration</​a>​  
 +<a href="/​wiki/​event:2016-04#​how_to_get_involved">​Get involved<​/a>  
 +| <a href="/wiki/data:ch">​Get Data</a> 
 +<!-- End Navigation --></​html>​
-We will be in Zürich on September 18 for the annual ​[[http://​opendata.ch/​2014|Opendata.ch conference]], featuring great speakers and workshops. Let us know on [[http://​make.opendata.ch/​forum/​|the forum]] or on Twitter [[https://​twitter.com/​hashtag/​opendatach?​src=hash|#​opendatach]] if you are planning to be there and have anything you would like to share or discuss at this community gathering.+[[event:2015-06|Check out the results]] of our previous MAKE event, the **Open Research Hackdays**.
-[[event:​2014-5|Check out the results]] of our last MAKE event, the **International Sports Hackdays**. +[[event:​home|Browse all past events]].
- +
-[[event:​home|Browse all previous ​events]].+
 ===== Getting started ===== ===== Getting started =====
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 ===== Realtime Chat ===== ===== Realtime Chat =====
-You can chat on the IRC channel [[irc://​chat.freenode.net/​makeope+You can chat on the IRC channel [[irc://​chat.freenode.net/​makeopendata|#​makeopendata]] using your own client or the [[http://​webchat.freenode.net/?​channels=%23makeopendata&​uio=Mj10cnVlJjQ9dHJ1ZSY5PXRydWUmMTE9MjA147|in-browser webchat]].
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