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mix'n'hack - 5th Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon

The fifth edition of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon took place on 6-8 September 2019 at the brand new cultural center Les Arsenaux in Sion. This time, OpenGLAM CH and Museomix.ch worked together to combine the OpenGLAM hackathon format with the Museomix makeathon approach. The event was hosted by the Médiathèque Valais, the State Archives and the Cantonal Museums. Further partners included infoclio and the members of the Friends of OpenGLAM Network.

mix'n'hack - how does it work? During the mix'n'hack, we invite the participants to experiment with cultural data. Our aim is to imagine new ways to valorize our digital heritage and encourage their appropriation by different users. In a multidisciplinary team accompanied by coaches and experts, the participants collaboratively develop their ideas and participate in the development of a functional prototype, be it a web or mobile application, a mediation device or an artistic performance.

Contact: If you have any questions regarding the mix'n'hack, you may contact Valérie Hashimoto valerie.hashimoto@openglam.ch.

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Photo: Inside view of Les Arsenaux by Dominic Steinmann.

Press review

Listed below are some cultural datasets from the host institutions that were proposed to the participants for the mix'n'hack in Sion. But of course, participants were free to work on the cultural datasets of their choice. A full list of open cultural datasets from Switzerland can be found here.

Photographs of Valais by Charles Rieder (1890-1910)

Photo : In front of the Arsenal, Sion, 1900. By Charles Rieder, Médiathèque Valais – Martigny, used under CC BY

Charles Rieder, owner of the Café de Genève in Sion, was also an amazing photographer who left us 243 negatives on glass plates, taken between 1890 and 1920. The subjects are conventional: portraits, processions, celebrations, but the photographer's perspective is original and not devoid of humour

Source: Mediatheque Valais - Martigny

Online Catalog: Fonds Charles Rieder

Data: https://opendata.swiss/dataset/photographs-of-valais-by-charles-rieder

Recordings about Valais life by Basile Tabin (1957-1994)

Photo : Grand Cortège Historique, Sion, 1899. By Charles Rieder, Médiathèque Valais – Martigny, used under CC BY

Le fonds Basile Tabin est l’un des 60 fonds sonores conservés à la Médiathèque Valais – Martigny. Le fonds a été déposé en 2000 à la Médiathèque Valais – Martigny. Il est constitué d’une trentaine d’enregistrements sonores, sur bandes magnétiques, et enregistrés par Basile Tabin (1904-2000) – chasseur de son actif en Valais jusqu’aux années 1990 dans la région de Sierre. Il contient en particulier des enregistrements à caractère ethnographique : captation de pièce de théâtre, de musique -essentiellement populaire – et un entretien sur support DAT avec Basile Tabin, alors âgé de 90 ans, qui revient sur ses souvenirs de famille.

Source: Mediatheque Valais - Martigny

Online Catalog: Fonds Basile Tabin

Data: https://opendata.swiss/de/dataset/recordings-by-basile-tabin-about-valais

Postcards from Valais (1890-1950)

Photo : Postcard representing Monthey. Musées cantonaux du Valais – Musée d’histoire, used under CC BY

A collection of 3900 postcards from Valais. Some highlights are churches, cable cars, landscapes and traditional costumes.

Source: Musées cantonaux du Valais – Musée d’histoire

Data: https://opendata.swiss/en/dataset/postcards-from-valais-1890-1950

Gietro Collection

Lettre du Préfet d'Entremont au Conseiller d'Etat au département des ponts et chaussées. 1863.

Historical Documents about the Gietro Glacier Catastrophe which killed 38 persons in 1818.

Source: Archives de l'Etat du Valais

Data: 1st part and 2nd part

Metadata: IIIF Manifests

Metadata from the Valais Archive

Description of the collections of Valais State Archive.

Source: Archives de l'Etat du Valais

Online Catalog: https://scopequery.vs.ch/suchinfo.aspx

Data: https://opendata.swiss/dataset/metadata-valais-state-archive

Photo by Les amis du patois d'Hérémence, Médiathèque Valais - Martigny, used under CC BY

The Mediatheque Valais has digitized many images, recordings and films about Valais. However most of them are still under copyright and therefore not freely usable. During the hackathon, it will be possible to discuss with the collections manager to see what is possible to do. For example :

88 recordings about Valais Patois
155 movies about the daily life in Valais (1930-1978)
405 Posters about Valais

On top of that, two other collections might be useful for the hackathon

Artothèque : the Mediatheque has a lendable collection of Artworks
Metadata of the 700'000+ documents from Mediatheque Valais - Sion

Aerial Photographs Eduard Spelterini

Between 1890 and 1910 Eduard Spelterini (1852-1931) undertook a number of travels by balloon over Switzerland and other countries. While doing this, he took photographs from above. Pictures from a bird’s eye view from this time are very rare, so this collection is an important contribution to historical research.

Data: https://opendata.swiss/en/dataset/bildersammlung-eduard-spelterini

Rainer Maria Rilke Manuscripts

A lot of manuscripts, letters and pictures from the famous poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke, who spent the end of his life in Valais.

Data: https://opendata.swiss/en/dataset/handschriften-rainer-maria-rilke

The event was organized by the OpenGLAM CH Working Group of the opendata.ch association, with contributions from:

Organization Committee
Beat Estermann, coordinator of the OpenGLAM Working Group
Valérie Hashimoto, project coordinator
Oleg Lavrovsky
Frédéric Noyer (co-lead programme committee)
Charlotte Mader (co-lead programme committee)
Opendata.ch / Basel University Library
Lionel Walter (lead dataset team)
Enrico Natale
Les Arsenaux
Damian Elsig
Michael Ravedoni
State Archives of Valais
Alain Dubois
Cantonal Museums of Valais
Pascal Ruedin

The GLAMmix'n'hack was made possible by financial and/or in kind contributions from Les Arsenaux, Médiathèque Valais, the State Archives and Cantonal Museums, Museomix.ch, Wikimedia CH and infoclio.ch, the City of Sion, pour-cent culturel Migros, Engagement Migros, the Ernst Göhner Stiftung, and the members of the Friends of OpenGLAM Network.

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