Initiative Team
Make.Opendata.ch is an initiative of the association Opendata.ch. We started political debate on a federal level during the well-received event in June 2011 at the Swiss Federal Archives, since followed up with parliamentary inquiries together with the Parliamentary Group for Digital Sustainability and further conference events.

The community effort kicked off by Make.Opendata.ch is an important complement to political activities and public relations. Our goal is to raise awareness and support for openness and innovation through Open Data.

This initiative is politically independent and not bound to any particular party or funding source.
Hannes Gassert (Liip, /ch/open),
Antoine Logean (innoQ, Opendata.ch),
Matthias Stürmer (Ernst & Young, Opendata.ch),
Andreas Amsler (Liip, Opendata.ch),
Oleg Lavrovsky (Apps with love, Opendata.ch),
Jeremy Stucki (Interactive Things),
Giorgio Pauletto (OT Lab, Opendata.ch) and
Philippe Rendulic (Tunnel 15).
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