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Raoul Mengis

☑ Ideator ☑ Field expert ☑ Developer ☐ Designer

hey there,

✪ Chief Evangelist Raoul Mengis is active in the training area as a senior web trainer instructor, incl. development of various operating systems since 1980. He is an unconditional supporter since 1992 of Open Source, as developed on Linux platform and SaaS. He handles with ease various data bases, spreadsheets from any kind of OS, thanks to his long experiences throughout the development of modern ICT, including Cloud computing. Raoul is a visionary and he also contributes to transformation of ICT world by addressing Web semantics, as well as all topics surrounding Linux servers.


  • Linux, OpenSource, OpenData
  • Web Development : Xampp
  • Cloud Computing, SaaS
  • Software Development
  • And more…..


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