Ilya Boyandin

☑ Ideator ☐ Field expert ☑ Developer ☐ Designer

As an informatics PhD student at the University of Fribourg I am one of the few lucky people who make their living by studying visualization and getting the skills necessary to develop effective tools which help people to explore and analyze their data. In my PhD I specialize on the visualization of temporal changes in spatial interactions, e.g. migration flows or traffic of any kind of entities between geographic locations. That's why I couldn't not miss the chance to participate in the OpenData Camp. Hope to do lots of networking here!


Happy to help with:

  • Preliminary data analysis and visualization with Tableau
  • Developing interactive web-based visualizations with D3, Java-/CoffeeScript, Java, and more
  • Data preparation: transforming between formats, resolving geographic entities, etc
  • Evaluating visualizations


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