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About fabrice.hong

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Hi, I'm a Senior Java developer. I finished my studies at EPFL in 2006, did some courses about machine learning and datamining, but never really used that in my Work.

Very recently I got strong interest in deepening my knowledge in those fields. I started doing some online courses, and began learning how to use WEKA for data analysis and visualization. I'm using some data that I collected around me (from friends, or myself) in order to learn with tangible cases.

I recently discovered OpenData. I'm really eager to learn that field by contributing to open projects that could turn out be be usefull for public information.


Happy to help with:

  • Open data analysis: classification / prediction, finding patterns (clustering)
  • basic use of WEKA (Open source marchine learning software)
  • web and application development
  • java j2ee
  • manipulating data: parsing, transforming, joining, visualization
  • project management
  • structuring brainstorming


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