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About fabini

Ideator Field expert Developer ☐ Designer

Hi , I am Fabio , independant consultant and working in the IT area since quite a number of years.

I was born in Ticino, studied IT and Economy at the University of Geneva and I worked with a multitude of technologies starting from C/C++ in the early 90´s , moved to several java architectures and standards since 1996 and lately focusing on technologies such as Flex, Adobe AIR mobile and native Iphone/Ipad

Architectures using Objective C.

I also work with banking Systems such as Avaloq and on related system integration Projects. I lately designed and implemented 2 business monitoring applications using Adobe Flex.

I always was, and still am

fascinated about new technologies and I am looking forward to meet interesting contacts, ideators and Field Experts at MakeOpenData


Happy to help with:

Java technology and architectures

Mobile native development(Objective C on Ipad/Iphone)

Adobe Flex/Air Mobile

System Integration

Prototyping - Design and architecture

Feasibility studies


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