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 ====== About cotting ====== ====== About cotting ======
-**☑ Ideator ☐ Field expert ☐ Developer ☐ Designer**+**☑ Ideator ☑ Field expert ☑ Developer ☐ Designer**
-Hi, I'm ...+Hi, I'Professor in computing science at HES-SO Valais-Wallis in SierreWhat describes my interests the most is a mix of openness, sharing of knowledge, creativity and rapid prototyping toolsThat's why I'm so involved in teaching SCRUM and open concepts, organizing hackathons, participating in FabLabs, doing research in open data, and supporting any tool or process that could help creating new start-ups 
 ====== Skills ====== ====== Skills ======
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     * Finding open data on the Web     * Finding open data on the Web
     * Accessing and publishing data     * Accessing and publishing data
-    * Promoting open data in Valais+    * Promoting open data in Valais and Romandie
     * Teaching open data to HES-SO Valais     * Teaching open data to HES-SO Valais
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