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About bfh_assi

☑ Ideator ☐ Field expert ☑ Developer ☑ Designer

My name is Luca (you don't see a recent photo) and I graduaded in computer science at the Berne University of Applied Sciences a bit more than a year ago. Now I work at the same place as an research assistant.


In my job i deal a great part with Objective-C App programming, a bit with  PHP server side scripting, little BPMN theory and application, some Java and so on. I'm keen on diving into new fields, i.e. learning new skills, NodeJS for example.

Having worked in an (web) design/communication agency and in the  (research) field as well, I would not describe myself as a particular crack in a single given area, but as a generalist with knowledge in many. I'm aware this might be a problem. But also a chance. Let's see!


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