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Explore Realtime aspects of Open Data, with the Transport API as an example. Realtime means: an event in the system that is of immediate commercial or human interest (i.e has possible consequences).

RealTime PubSub Engine for Opendata based on HTML5 Websockets

  • Initiator: @der_graf
  • Opendata-PubSub is a Websocket handler written in Erlang
  • It lets clients subscribe to certain event classes via Javascript (websockets), and pushes updates if these events occur
  • It polls the Transport API for realtime events (transforming pulls into pushes)

Extend and improve the Realtime aspects of the Transport API

The Transport API is not optimal for realtime information. If there, it's encapsulated in Prognosis objects. Can we extend the API to be able to ask for things like “delay” directly?

  • Examples: delay, change of departing platform
  • By that provide a simpler interface for realtime info (extracting it out of the Prognosis object etc)
  • Write a service that lets you subscribe to those events (Opendata-PubSub)

The RealTime PubSub Engine and the Protocol Extension can be the infrastructure for automatic pushes of RealTime info to an unlimited number of clients.

Build a Command Line Interface for the Transport Data

  • Testing with Travis CI
  • Documentation for Stationboard
  • Added train/bus number
  • Caching
  • Fixed Timezone, JSON-Header
  • Nearby station search (In progress)
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