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 ===== trainsharingApp ===== ===== trainsharingApp =====
-mobile ​and server ​application ​to enable people to share a trainride.+[[http://​|trainshare (official site)]] is a mobile ​app & server ​API enabling users to find their friends on trains.
 +In order to make suggestions a user will have to login with his network of choice through which we'll get his friends. Then when this user checks in to a train ride, which can include switching trains and stopping and multiple stations, we'll check for matches for every single Station-to-Station route and then look for friends matching same routes at the same time.
 ===== Data ===== ===== Data =====
 +Self scraped SBB dataset of Station-to-Station connections. [[http://​​files/​trainsharing_routes.sql|Download here]]
 +In order make social matches, we're leveraging a Graph Database called [[http://​|Neo4j]] and friends/​follower list from twitter, facebook and foursquare.
 ===== Team ===== ===== Team =====
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     * [[http://​​|Marco Koch (Teaser Site)]]     * [[http://​​|Marco Koch (Teaser Site)]]
     * [[:​user:​philippkueng|philippkueng (Backend)]]     * [[:​user:​philippkueng|philippkueng (Backend)]]
 +    * [[https://​​which-one-is-better-floating-or-fixed-rate-of-interest/​|GetNews360]]
 +    * [[http://​​|Debtpro]]
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====
-    * Source: [[https://​​philippkueng/trainsharingApp|https://​​philippkueng/trainsharingApp]] +    * Source: [[https://​​trainshare/trainshare-api|https://​​trainshare/trainshare-api]] 
     * Blog post prior to the event: [[http://​​trainsharingapp.html|http://​​trainsharingapp.html]]     * Blog post prior to the event: [[http://​​trainsharingapp.html|http://​​trainsharingapp.html]]
-    * Tools: [[http://​​|Node.js]],​ [[http://​|GraphDatenbank ​Neo4j]], [[http://​|heroku for hosting]]+    * Tools: [[http://​​|Node.js]],​ [[http://​|Neo4j]],​ [[http://​|heroku for hosting]] 
 +    * Information:​ https://​​two-wheeler-loan 
 +{{tag>​status:​demo transport app needs:​expert}} 
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