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 ===== Data ===== ===== Data =====
-  * List and link your actual and ideal data sources. +Below you can find some cultural datasets which would be a good fit for this year Mix'n'Hack in SionBut of course, participants can work on the cultural datasets of their choiceHave a look at the list of [[Swiss Cultural Datasets|data:glam_ch]]
-  * +
-  *
-===== Team ===== +| [[|{{:glam:rilke.png?460}}]] |**[[|Rainer Maria Rilke Manuscripts]]** \\ \\ A lot of manuscripts, letters and pictures from the famous poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke, who spent the end of his life in Valais | 
- +| [[|{{:glam:moutains.png?460}}]] |**[[|Aerial Photographs Eduard Spelterini]]** \\ \\ Between 1890 and 1910 Eduard Spelterini (1852-1931) undertook a number of travels by balloon over Switzerland and other countries. While doing this, he took photographs from above. Pictures from a bird’s eye view from this time are very rare, so this collection is an important contribution to historical research. | 
-  * [[user:testmartin]] +| [[|{{:glam:patois.png?460}}]] |**[[|Valais Patois]]** \\ \\ The Mediatheque Valais has digitized many recordings about the Valais Patois. \\ \\ [[|88 recordings about Valais Patois]]| 
-   +| [[|{{:glam:affiche.jpg?460}}]] |**[[|Poster Collection about Valais]]** \\ \\ A digitized collection of posters (tourism or other topics) dating back to 1895.| 
-{{tag>status:concept needs:dev needs:design needs:data needs:expert}}+
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