This projects aims at providing a directory of Swiss Video Games and metadata about them.

The directory is a platform to display and promote Swiss Games for publishers, journalists, politicians or potential buyers, as well as a database aimed at the game developers community and scientific researchers.

Our work is the continuation of a project initiated at the 1st Open Data Hackathon in 2015 in Bern by David Stark.

  1. An open spreadsheet contains the data with around 300 entries describing the games.
  2. Every once in a while, data are exported into the Directory website (not publicly available yet).
  3. At any moment, game devs or volunteer editors can edit the spreadsheet and add games or correct informations.

The list was created on Aug. 11 2014 by David Javet, game designer and PhD student at UNIL. He then opened it to the Swiss game dev community which collaboratively fed it. At the start of this hackathon, the list was composed of 241 games, starting from 2004. It was turned into an open data set on the portal by Oleg Lavrovsky.

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