The table below (incompletely) lists Swiss datasets that are already linked on Wikidata and/or imported there.

Dataset Property on Wikidata Mix'n'match Other
Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz / Dictionnaire historique de la Suisse) HDS ID Catalog 73
Artist data from the SIKART Lexicon on art in Switzerland SIKART ID Catalog 121
Theaterlexikon der Schweiz Theaterlexikon der Schweiz online ID -
Swiss cultural properties PCP reference number -
Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland 1945-1969 Dodis ID -
Swiss municipality codes Swiss municipality code -
Lexicon istoric retic LIR ID -
Swiss classification of occupations SBFI/SEFRI maintained by the Swiss SBFI/SEFRI SBFI occupation code -
Swiss Football Association Club Number Swiss Football Association Club Number -
Dictionnaire du Jura Dictionnaire du Jura ID -
Association Authors of Switzerland Association Authors of Switzerland ID -
Swiss Parliament Swiss parliament ID -
place of origin (Switzerland) place of origin (Switzerland) - ID -
Library network of Western Switzerland's RERO database RERO ID -
Entity (portfolio, dossier, document) of the Swiss Federal Archives Swiss Federal Archives ID -
Musée d'ethnographie de Genève - online catalogue MEG ID -
Public art in Zurich - - Imported by a volunteer (?) - see basic Wikidata query
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