The goal of our „hack“ is to reuse existing search and visualization tools for dedicated datasets provided by the swiss federal state archives.

The project EEXCESS (EU funded research project, has the vision to unfold the treasure of cultural, educational and scientific long-tail content for the benefit of all users. In this context the project realized different software components to connect databases, providing means for both automated (recommender engine) and active search queries and a bunch of visualization tools to access the results.

The federal swiss state archives hosts a huge variety of digitized objects. We aim at realizing a dedicated connection of that data with the EEXCESS infrastructure (using a google chrome extension) and thus find out, whether different ways of visualizations can support intuitive access to the data (e.g. Creation of virtual landscapes from socia-economic data, browse through historical photographs by using timelines or maps etc.).

Let's keep fingers crossed …:-)

  • Louis Gantner
  • Daniel Hess
  • Marco Majoleth
  • André Ourednik
  • Jörg Schlötterer
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