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The vision: We want to help to protect wildlife by the means of an app indiating you entering or coming close to a protection zone. With the GPS information of your mobile device and the GIS data of the zone it will be possible to realize a active wildlife-zone indication system

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* uDig

We'vo got:

Björn, the boarder: age: 23 hobby: boarding, skiing, climbing and all kind of risky and funny stuff in the mountains He always carries his mobile with him, he is hip

Gisela, the wanderer age: 53 hobbies: hiking, walking, nordic walking, a good glas of wine She's got a dog, a big one. And a partner, Peter, who also likes hiking in the mountains.

Björn as outdoor-active-freak like to go whereever I want, but I want to respect wildlife (nature)…..

B likes to know when I'm entering a wlp-zone (wildlifeprotection) because I dont't want to enter the zone (or just be prudent)

B likes to know if there is a wlpz near the position where he is now, because (…)

G wants to plan where to go for hiking with her dog and partner, because whe doesn't want to interfere in wildlife

B wants to listen to music and use other apps while beeing informed, when entering a wlpz, because he always uses his iPhone.

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